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A February in an April jacket

April weather with spring-like temperatures and loads of sunshine: we here in Switzerland never experienced such a February. Sort of likeable, but for the melting glaciers….

Truly nice is our renovation project, which is well on track. Especially a real pleasure is, that the involved craftsmen are quite diligent and on time. We for sure are at the construction site almost daily, in order to intervene if necessary.

In the following you’ll find some impressions of the progress:



Till now the only negative point is the overspend. Naturally it’s not only to a small part our own fault. – Thus, we have to be a trifle more careful in the upcoming months.

Consequently Robin introduced himself to a low-carb diet, which shows already some success in regard to kilos but not moneywise. I’ve found that low-carb cooking is a real challenge if you like some variety. Not only do you need special ingredients, but it’s also rather complex to mix them into a tasty result. The biggest obstacle was to make tasty low-carb bread and pasta. But what’s life without a challenge? – Boring.

Nevertheless, no boredom can be so bad that one wishes for the ‚Coronavirus‘ spectacle. In my humble opinion the panic is rather exaggerated, especially as very well-respected experts tell the world not to overreact. Technically we know that panic is not good but leads in most cases to negative effects. A quite good example is the recent stock market development. – The only sure thing is, that as soon as everything calms down the speculators will earn lots of money, – thanks to the ‘panic sellers’.

We wish you a healthy and panic-free March.

See you.

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