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About us

Welcome to the blog of Iris and Robin.

We decided to start travelling the world with our own sailing vessel. Many years we dreamt about doing exactly that and finally it becomes reality. Whether we are going the whole way round or not, we don’t know yet, we take the freedom to decide step by step….

We met several years ago in Switzerland and share the passion of sailing since than. Robin was since his early years a mariner and infected Iris completely with the pleasure of travelling on the water.

Several years we just chartered sailing vessels in various regions before we bougth our own boat in Spring 2014, an AMEL Super Maramu named GrosDoux. Till and with the year 2017, we sailed with our dear GrosDoux around the med. By the end of 2017 we sold her and bought an AMEL 54 named Carré d’As.

If you like, you may join our adventure by following us on our website. Have fun!

Robin Iris


  1. Good moorning, Sir
    We are open all year, the cost of mooring is 45 €/day (all included).
    If you decide to come, call this mobil before your arrival.
    Paolo 0039 3427463772 Alessandro 0039 3478578097

    Best regards

    We write here, because is not possible to replay your email.

  2. Hi Iris,
    Hi Robin,

    I have a AMEL Santorin owned in 2013.

    I have seen your Davits / Equipment holder. Is that the Davits from Riza Cagdas Cakir from Turkey? What are your experiences with it?

    Pls reply to



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