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Renovation on land

What do water rats if not renovating their boat? – Absolutely not relaxing! – Although we planned something like that. As usual, instead of doing what we planned we bought a nice apartment in an old building – most certainly with an amazing lake view. – And are now in ...

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Résumé 2019

Another year draws to a close. Although we sailed clearly less nautical miles it was eventful as usual. Our favorite place this year was the Island Elba. Elba offers many good anchorages and the shore leaves are worthwhile as well. Also during this season we made new nice acquaintances but ...

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Car trip to Roda de Bara

Just arrived in Switzerland, we already plan our trip back to Spain, – this time by car. As the Piemont is not far from our route, we have to have a culinary stop there: We didn’t expect the evening surprise: snow, – and not too little. Until shortly before the ...

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Into new waters

Winter break tempts one to fulfil ones ‚Summer dreams‘: an inflatable Kayak, which we fancied for some time already must be bought: Not only is the Kayak a nice amusement in a bay but also helps to improve our sportive activities. – Next Summer may hopefully come soon.   But ...

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Stuck at Port Pollenca

A new bad weather front is approaching from the Golf of Lion, thus we again seek protection in the bay next to Port Pollenca. This time we drop our anchor closer to the military airport as the anchorage seems to be better. The decision was a good one as around ...

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Back to Mallorca

Before heading to Spain we make only two nice stops, because the weather forecast shows some negative development. Fact is: we don’t want to be within the Gulf of Lion if a bad weather is approaching. As the coast in direction of Barcelona doesn’t provide nice anchorages, we decide to ...

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Sole of main mast

On September 3rd at 8.00 am sharp are we at the crane to get the main mast lifted and the sole changed. Antoine is with us, but otherwise nobody’s really ready to start. – Thus it’s business as usual and we wait…. Before the main mast get lifted all the ...

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Côte d‘Azur

The bad weather is over and also the big fireworks at Port Grimaud where we had the best place at the anchorage.   Being that close to Saint Tropez and not really being there is a no-go. Thus we move over and anchor next to the harbor, so that we ...

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Northwest of Corsica

In September we want to be in Toulon / France in order to replace the sole of our main mast, – unfortunately it dissolves itself. This part was replaced in 2010, while the older part under the mizzen (from 2007) is still in perfect condition. Either AMEL changed its material ...

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Outhaul gear of main sail

Our several days lasting repair holidays come to an abrupt stop: the outhaul gear of our main sail goes on strike. Robin’s attempts to repair or disassemble the defect part fail, in spite of the support provided by Mike, thus we order a new gear at AMEL. As deliveries need ...

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