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Car trip to Roda de Bara

Just arrived in Switzerland, we already plan our trip back to Spain, – this time by car. As the Piemont is not far from our route, we have to have a culinary stop there:

We didn’t expect the evening surprise: snow, – and not too little.

Until shortly before the Cote d’Azur the ‚white glory‘ is our company. Afterwards the normal autumn weather is back.


At Roda de Bara the temperature is also only 14° C but it’s sunny. On our boat everything’s fine. Especially the inside climate is pleasantly dry, thus our new dehumidifier worked well.


Next day we have the freshly imported Fondue together with Heidi and René. The nice scent of melted cheese drifts through the harbour, letting the few live-a-boards know that we are back.


Together with James and his colleagues Barbara and Martin of Port Ginesta we have a quite pleasant outing to a cosy Restaurant in the hills.

The menu clearly is nothing for vegetarians, but we loved it.


Also with Silvia and Kurt, who are at the same pontoon as we are, we spend a nice and funny day with tasty Italian food and a night cup on their boat SY La Vida.


On our last evening in the harbour we are invited for dinner at the SY Santa Poco and Heidi surprises us with an excellent home-made cake.


Therefore our trip was socially and culinary a highlight, – our round bellies give evidence….

See u soon!

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