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Dessalator and Lewmar Winch / Ibiza and Formentera

Actually we hadn’t anything to repair for 3 days in a row, but then our DUO Watermaker decided to change that: it stopped working on 220 V. With phone support of Martin from Dessalator – an extremely nice and supportive guy! – we can analyze the problem. Luckily it seems nothing complicated but maybe only the capacitor is gone.

Next day our electrician arrives with a new capacitor. While changing it he sees that not the capacitor is gone but a small cable came away. The nasty thing was still in the cable lug, thus not easy to see. – We end up being richer of one or two ideas.

Naturally we’ve a nice birthday dinner on June 6 for Robin together with SV Highliner.

It was so good that Peter changed into a wizard:


Next day we sail on to Ibiza. Again the wind is different to the one forecasted, so that we had to use the engine the whole way.

But our sail to Formentera was nice with good wind from north-east.


Unfortunately the southern bay was not as swell free as thought, making us move on to the bay on the west side of Formentera. Although the anchorage is already crowded we find a good place for the night.

Next morning the wind fits to the forecast and changes to the north-west, thus we sail on.

For the upcoming days the wind forecast is quite a challenge for Formentera, so that we sail back to Ibiza and anchor next to Ibiza town. – Let’s see what’s going on here…

A pleasant surprise after Sant Antoni: Ibiza town offers a rather nice old town which we have to explore:

Also the audience is much better dressed as in Sant Antoni… – We think it’s a nice place.

It’s a pity that for the upcoming easterly winds the bay is not ideal, consequently we decide to give Formentera another go. Our anchor drops close by the harbor of La Savina, which is a bit bumpy because of the ferries but well protected from the east.

Formentera is a trifle disappointing for two reasons: the water is full of jelly fish thus swimming would end with burns and the harbor offers lots of signs: ‘No Dinghy’ but no dinghy dock. In the end we ask a fisherman whether we can leave our dinghy next to his boat and luckily he is kind enough to allow it. It seems that the harbor authorities of La Savina do not like the people of the anchorage to come in and spend some money…

Due to the bad weather front approaching we are seeking protection in Cala d’Horta in the south-west of Ibiza. Although the Navionics charts say it’s a protected area, the anchorage is free. Lucky us, because it’s a beautiful and well protected bay offering a very good sandy bottom.


Our next target is Menorca. On the way we have a stopover on Mallorca to pick up the spare part for our Lewmar Winch 58ST, the pawl gear:

We are quite lucky that a dealer has two on stock as the delivery time is 4-6 weeks and our starboard winch is already making strange noises and blocks now and then…

See u soon!


  1. Hi Robin and the Ships Captainesse.
    Many great returns on Robins Birthday on the 6th and many more happy an eventful sailing days. God Bless.
    wrt the water problem. Wine ipo water a cheerful option.
    Bon Voyage you amazing couple.
    With love and good wishes
    Pauline and Fred
    Knysna, Souh Africa

  2. I believe I was doing a very passable interpretation of a fransiscan monk.

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