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Elba Sailing

Done, – we arrive on Elba. Here we meet up again with SY Quatrifoglio, the nice Swiss couple we got acquainted with on Mallorca: Markus and Eva. We spent a nice evening together.

Next day they sail off south and we to Porto Azzurro (Elba east coast).

Porto Azzurro is a lovely town which kept its original charm. The bay next to the harbor is well protected and provides a good anchorage.

Next we want to explore the north corner of Elba and sail to the Golfo di Viticcio. Although the bay is huge, it’s crowded, – but it’s a weekend! – Luckily some of boats leave in the evening. We thought the bay is calmer with the prevailing southerlies, thus the swell is surprising….

Our next stop is Portoferraio, the capital of Elba. We drop our anchor vis-à-vis of the harbor, waiting for the SY Truant of Sark with Mike and Manuela : two good friends from Austria, who now also start to live their dream.

Jointly we sail around Elba, spending some nice evenings together.


Elba provides many nice anchorages which are more or less well protected depending on the wind conditions. Till now we always found enough space to drop our anchor, unless on weekends when it’s a trifle crowded. The towns which we visited till today are quite nice. We didn’t do any trips to the country side of Elba yet as the temperature is rather high…


And here is the cream of cake: Robin repaired our fridge. Mike brought a new electronic box, which we thought may be faulty.

Actually the new box solved the problem and our fridge runs nicely again.

See u soon!

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