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Check-in / Check-out procedures


(May 2016): This time we check-in in Zakynthos. Quite easy as all instances are at the same building; – costs: 30 EUR.

(October 2016): Check-out is in Argostoli, – no problem as well, very kind and at no costs.

(September 2015): For check-in to Greece we went from Datca to Symi and did the procedure without Agent. It was no big deal, just start with the passport police, afterwards go to customs and finally to the harbour police. All officials were friendly and supportive and tell you where you have to go next. We paid all in all 45 Euros including Transit-log.

(October 2015): How to check-out from Greece wasn’t really clear to us – all we were aware of was that we had to do it to avoid problems should we ever want to go back to Greece. Therefore we decided to take chances and go straight to the harbour police of Preveza. Arriving there we look into puzzled but friendly faces; – leaving the country is no problem at all, but taking the boat with us? – hmmm, that’s a different story and obviously doesn’t happen very often, if at all. After a lot of seesaw and multiple studying of the remarks in our Transit-log, the police guys (and ladies) decided that we have to leave the Transit-log in Greece with the customs. Luckily they called the customs office before sending us to them and figured out that they had already left the office although the office hours were not over yet…. The police guys kindly offered us to hand over the papers to the colleagues next morning, as we would be on our way to Italy then. To have evidence that we checked-out from Greece we asked for a copy of the duly signed Transit-log, which we received. Happy we left the office, and nearly couldn’t believe it, but the whole thing was free of charge.


In-between our stay on Malta we went to Monastir / Tunisia. Thus coming back to Malta we had to check-in to the EU again. The procedure was easy and free of charge; you only have to go with all usual papers (boat-papers, passports etc.) to Seaport Immigration Police Office, nothing else was required.


(March 2016): Check-in was in Monastir at Cap Marina. We were told to stay at the petrol station at the harbour entry on the left side till everything’s done. There we were greeted by a policeman who took Robin to the police station; next to the police station is the customs’ office and some steps away also that of the harbour master. After the usual paperwork was checked the customs’ official and two policemen came to the boat and looked into some of our bilges and cupboards, but not all of them. They were more or less satisfied, only the customs’ guy told us that the approx. 10 bottles of wine and 30 cans of beer are a bit too much, nevertheless he will accept it for this time. We neither paid anything nor were asked for ‘presents’.

The check-out is not done yet…


For check-in and check-out to / of Turkey we went to Datca. The support of Seher Tour ( was very useful and can be recommended. For check-in we paid 70 Euros including Transit-log (November 2014), for check-out we paid 150 TRL / ca. 50 Euros (September 2015).

Please keep in mind that the local police checks (in the computer your entries and departures are listed) how long you stayed in Turkey within the last 180 days, if it was longer than 90 days you may be fined.

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