We have been in Greece in autumn 2015 and again from May to October 2016. To precis: we enjoyed and liked it enormously. Not only the countryside respectively the islands, we were visiting were nice and interesting, but also the Greeks are extremely kind and supportive people. At all times we felt welcome and safe.

Most of the municipal harbors are either free of charge or rather cheap. On top you will find lots of unfinished marinas in Greece, which are free of charge and safe, – naturally depending on the wind conditions. Last but not least there are also many good anchorages.

As well known, wind and weather are rather treacherous in that region as the Meltemi may come out of the blue. Although we were more or less spared on our tour in 2016, nevertheless we could sail a lot. As usual, the weather forecast was seldom right, although in my opinion ‚Poseidon‘ ( was closest.

To learn more about the country and its people we rented a scooter or car as often as possible; – most of our sightseeing tours were worth the effort. You will find more information about our experiences in our blog (updates twice a month).

The immigrant situation in 2016 was calmer and much better organized. In the country we came in touch with them now and then, but luckily never on sea, in spite of sailing along the Turkish coast. We never had any bad experiences in regard to the immigrants, and according to the Greeks we met they also had no real problem with the people, especially after the organization improved. Nevertheless, we can only speak for the regions we have been to.

Greece is absolutely worth a visit! We were impressed with the people, the countryside, the sea and last but not least the food as well!

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