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ECHO Marine – Palma de Mallorca

In Winter 2018 we decided to get our 10 years old, but perfectly running Dessalator Duo refurbished at a Dessalator service station. As we were in Mallorca, the unit was brought to Echo Marine / Palma de Mallorca. They told us that the pump needs an overhaul and we agreed to that. Costs for the overhaul of the pump was 3’000 Euros – later we found out that a new pump would be in the region of 1’500 Euros. When the unit was brought back, it did not work even though in the invoice was stated that they had the unit on the test bank and it worked perfectly alright in their workshop. A pulley was put the wrong way in, therefore it was impossible to run the pump; – how they could have tested it is still a mystery.

Twice they had to come and look at the unit and twice they asked for 180 Euros in advance payment before coming to see the problem. Both times it was stated that the problem was with Echo Marine, even on the paper I had to sign, but of which I did not get a copy. – The money was never returned.

The unit run more or less, but there was a leak on the pump, and when we were at the French mainland, we decided to get the pump checked at the Dessalator factory. They told us that all the joints were not only the wrong once (low instead of high pressure), but on top they were wrongly assembled and that was the reason for the leak. The refurbishment of the pump (again!) – after roughly 18 months after the first refurbishment -, costs in the region of 550 Euros which seems to be appropriate for a pump worth approximately 1’500 Euros.

We feel truly cheated by Echo marine Mallorca – not only with prices far too high, but also with extremely shoddy work. The refurbishment of our pump was obviously done by somebody who had never ever done anything of this kind and we were charged around 6 times of what the costs should have been.

It was the worst experience we ever had with people working on our boats and recommend to run when you hear their name mentioned.

We tried to talk to them but were informed that they don’t see any wrongdoing from their side and if we want to take the case further we would have to take legal action. Bad work combined with that much arrogance is hopefully a one-time very bad experience!

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