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Rental Car


ATTENTION: beware of GOLDCAR / RHODIUMCAR. The companies are well-known for rather fraudulent habits trying to cash-in more money than one owes them. You may find lots of internet platforms discussing their doings. Our experiences are in the following:

We rented a car from Feb 10, 2016 till Feb 24, 2016 on Malte. From our credit card Goldcar deducted the security deposit of EUR 1’350, which is still not transferred back to our account (April 20, 2016) although they told us via email that everything’s fine and the moneys have been refunded (email received on April 6, 2016 after several reclamations). – Now they don’t even answer our emails anymore.

On top they deducted from our credit card the parking fines which were already paid by us directly including admin-fees which were almost twice the fines.

For us Goldcar (Rhodiumcar belongs to the same Group) is a fraudulent company from which we won’t hire a car anymore and anywhere, and recommend the same to you.



Our flight to Barcelona has had some delay, thus we arrived at the pick-up location 5 minutes after 11 pm. Pick-ups after 11.00 pm are charged with 35 EUR late hour fee! – On top we paid 6 EUR for the car cleaning or do it ourselves before bringing it back. Finally we paid more than renting a comparable car at one of the top rental agencies. – We won’t go to ‘InterRent’ again, which by the way is an affiliate of EuropCar.



On Mallorca we rented a car at Drivalia, the first but also the last time. On the one hand the employees were rather unfriendly and we had to wait long to get the car. On the other hand we realized that the employees are spezialized on the rims, especially when everything else is fine. A scratch in one rim cost us 157 EURO! For us it was a first time experience that the rims were that closely inspected at all. Basically we think that having to pay for a scratch in a rim is a rip-off of customers.

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