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From the west coast of Mallorca to the north-east

The upcoming days it’s supposed to be calm weather, thus the perfect time to explore the anchorages on the west coast of Mallorca. Our first stop is in Cala de Deya, the previous bays weren’t to our liking. – Cala Deya is a beautiful place surrounded by hills with pine trees. The water is crystal clear and the bottom is sand with some stones.

At this remote place you even find two restaurants. We go for the Ca’s Patro March and are not only thrilled by the lovely view but also by the service and the food. Robin had some meat and I’d a nice fish, – both were very tasty. Even pricewise was nothing to complain about.

Topped was the restaurant visit only by meeting Boris and Jens, who invited us spontaneously to their holiday flat in Port Soller. There we meet the wife of Boris as well: Ramona.

It was a great pleasure meeting you and spending a most pleasant evening in your extremely beautiful flat with the most enchanting sea view.


Next day we sail on to Cala Castell, which is nicer as expected and not full at all.


One can really see that the west coast of Mallorca is the weather side: harsh gravity slopes with lots of (partly eerie) faces, many caves and grotto and some beautiful bays well hidden. – Altogether: a wild beauty.

Before sailing to Menorca, we anchor once more in Pollenca and say good bye to the nice town.

On June 21 off we sail to Menorca. Although we have almost no wind today, the forecast tells a good wind for sailing to Sardinia tomorrow, – let’s see.

For once the weather forecast was true and the wind even better. After some unpleasant waves from all directions in the beginning the sea calmed down and we had a nice crossing. In between it was a trifle scary as we didn’t see any other boats for hours.

After roughly 30 hours we drop our anchor in front of the harbor of Alghero and are looking forward to a nice Sardinian pizza and an uninterrupted night. – Both wishes were granted and we feel fresh for new adventures.

We sail off in direction of Corse after two days in Alghero. Roughly one hour after we left we find that our fridge isn’t working properly. – Not good. Thus we head back to Marina SerMar in Alghero who promise that an expert will look at the issue the following morning.

Some hours before the mechanic arrives our fridge decides to work fine again. The mechanic tells us that the problem is most certainly electrically, otherwise it would not work like it does now. – If the problem occurs again, we shall remove the wires and spray them with some CorrosionEx. Till then we go along with the slogan: ‘don’t touch a running system’.

We are back on the road and motor-sail to the north-west corner of Sardinia. Our anchor drops in the Caribbean-like bay at Passaggio della Pelosa. – Here it’s a bit like a holiday:

Even the new sun sail comes into its first use and cools the boat much better down than expected.


Two days later the wind is fine to sail in direction of Elba with stop-overs on Corse.


See u soon!

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