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Fruity Cheese Cake

Flan case:

4 egg white

180 gr sugar

200 gr almonds grounded

Beat egg white till it’s stiff, add sugar and continue beating till it’s homogeneous. Add cautiously the almonds.

Put in baking form (covered with baking paper) and bake in oven for 45 min. at 150°, preheated. Afterwards let it cool down.

Cheese stuffing:

500 gr pineapples canned (don’t use fresh ones as gelatine won’t get stiff)


500 gr fresh strawberries


250 gr pineapples and 250 gr fresh strawberries (my favorit)

8 sheets of gelatine, equals 20 gr grounded gelatine

8 spoons of sugar

750 gr curd cheese

½ lemon, squeezed

Mix cheese, lemon juice and sugar together. Prepare gelatine according to the instructions and add it cautiously to the cheese mixture. Cut pineapples resp.strawberries in small pieces and add it.

Give the mixture on top of the cool flan case and leave the the cake form for around 4 h at a cool place till it’s stiff.

For serving you may garnish the cake with e.g. strawberry halfes and/or pine nuts.

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