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  1. Dear friends,
    My name is Peter, and I am also few months Amel 54 owner)
    My question is about your arch for the dinghy and solar panels – where you did it, are you happy, how much it was?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Dear Peter – sorry for my late reply! When we bought Carrö d’
      As it already had the arch. The previous owiner who bought the boat new from Amel insisted on the arch and it was actually one of the very few arches done under Amel supervision from a company close by in La Rochelle. We are happy with it as it does everything we expect – holds the dinghy and our solar panels (4 x 150Wp) which is excellent. On my prvious boat I had an arch made (it was a Super Maramu) in Turkey by Emek marine – completely different design, but I was also very happy with it. I know that they also do arches for 54’s and I would go to them if I needed an arch again as their ss work is very good while I would not let them do other works on my boat again.
      kind regards, stay healthy and fair winds!

  2. Hi we are in camp de mar alongside Ashia would love to meet up sometime.


    S/Y Duak

    • Hi Steve

      We are in Cala Molto and will sail tomorrow up to Pollenca to sit out the northerly expected on Wednesday/thursday.

      We will stay around Mallorca the next 10 to 20 days before we sail to the mainland to Roda de Bara for winter.

      We certainly would love to meet up to – let’s keep in touch!
      You ca follow us on under carre das (Swiss flag)

      kind regards and

      Fair winds!

      SV Carré d‘As
      Robin & Iris Hutter

      • Hi Robin/Iris,
        We are going to spend Wednesday /Thursday in Andtrax to see out motherly then thereafter we are around until end oct, still have not decided on a winter berth so would be interested to hear about Roda.
        We have just purchased Dusk SM2K 378 so it has been a big learning curve we are fortunate to have had Nicole and Armin from Ashia to give us help and advice and at the moment they have just joined us in camp de mar.
        Hopefully we can catch up over the next few days

        Fair Winds
        S/y Dusk

        Steve/Traey Bell

  3. Jean-Philippe Halphen

    Engine exchange:


    I also own a 54. I am interested in your experience replacing the Volvo. I already asked questions below you Facebook posting before realizing I could reach you directly.

    my questions:

    1) Is this model able to accommodate Amel’s requirement for “Floating Negative” ?
    2) Do you need to change the existing gearbox?
    3) Same question for the steel frame that support the silent blocks?
    4) How much “electronics” does this engine have?
    5) Is this a “common Rail” engine?
    6) Did you consider non turbo engines and if yes, why did you reject this option?
    Regards JP

    • sorry for the late reply:
      1. no, it does not, but it can easily be isolated by a skilled mechanic/electrician
      2. No, the hydraulic ZF-25 can stay
      3. frame can stay as well, but needs some minor alterations.
      4. no electronics at all
      5. therefore cannot be a common rail engine (they all have to have electronics)
      6. I considered non turbo engines, but I wanted to stay with the 110 hp and those without turbo were much bigger with double the ccm (4 l instead of 2 l)

      hope to have been of help
      fair winds


  4. Hi Robin, had a lot of fun on Lake Constance and could see back then your love for sailing. Great to see you living your dream. Cheers old friend!

  5. Hi I’ve enjoyed a few of your blogs but can’t find a time line as I’d love to read from the beginning.

    I think you’re links are really useful iv now downloaded the windy tv app. I saw your link on fb Amel owners . Whilst I’m not one yet one day my dreams will be a reality. For now I’m sailing my little 19ft yacht here in the UK on the Blackwater River in Essex. I’ll when the time is wright the kids older I’ll sell up and buy an amel. Not sure which yet but reading all other people’s experience is all knowledge so thank you for taking the effort to create such a great and informative website and blog.

    Best regards
    Stephen Duller

  6. hello, it’s Adrigo the french family.
    we are at Finikas (Syros). It’s very beautifull and quiete.

    see you soon for a drink.

  7. Enjoy your posts. Plan to visit many of the same areas next season on S/Y Trident Star, Maramu#25. Hope to cross paths…

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