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Mandarin Tiramisu

approx.20 min / 4 persons / form for approx..1 ltr.


6 Mandarins

3 spoon of sugar

2 spoon of orange liqueur (e.g.Grand Marnier) or rum

150 g ladyfinger

150 g curd cheese

250 g mascarpone

1 dl milk

1 spoon of cacao powder

0.5 spoon of cinnamon


Extract juice of 3 mandarins (approx.1 dl), mix it with sugar and liqueur / rum. Skin the remaining mandarins, cut them in halves and slices.

Give half of the ladyfingers into the form, than half of the juice and mandarins on top.

Mix curd cheese, mascarpone and milk and give half of the mixture, than the remaining ladyfingers on top of the mandarins and sprinkle it with the remaining juice. Cover everything with the cheese-mascarpone mixture.

Keep the covered form somewhere cool for at least 2 hours. Before serving the Tiramisu pepper it with the cacao-cinnamon mixture.

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