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Northwest of Corsica

In September we want to be in Toulon / France in order to replace the sole of our main mast, – unfortunately it dissolves itself.

This part was replaced in 2010, while the older part under the mizzen (from 2007) is still in perfect condition.

Either AMEL changed its material purchase from good to bad – or did they stumble over a bad patch???


We decide not to sail along the Italian coast but via Corsica.

At the moment the weather is calm thus we anchor in the nice northern bay called Marina de Barcaggio. Although the days are quite busy – with lots of anchor cinema – the nights are quiet. It seems that most boats only come along to do some sunbathing, but for the night they go somewhere else. – For us that’s perfect. – The fact that Corsica belongs to France is hardly obvious at the moment as we see mainly boats with an Italian flag….

A few days later SY Champagne announces their arrival at Calvi and for sure we sail there too. It’s nice to meet up with Christine and Vic again and talk about the sailing experiences of the last months.

Together we sail a few days along the west coast of Corsica.

The west coast of Corsica is likewise that coast of Mallorca: it’s rough but with a wild, beautiful charm. – We like it.

Shortly before Ajaccio we split up: SY Champagne sails in direction of Sicily and we use the gentle breeze to sail to Port Grimaud (next to St. Tropez) before the forecasted bad weather starts.

After nearly 24 hours we arrive at our destination. A big part of the way we could sail, only for the remaining part we needed the support of the engine.

Port Grimaud holds the same fascination as two years ago and we explore the waterways through the town by dinghy again. The anchorage close by the beach is good, so that we are save for the upcoming strong winds.

See u soon!


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