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Relocation project finalized

In spite of all, we moved houses on our planned deadline, – and it’s just beautiful here, although not everything is finished yet.

But the most important things are taken care of: a well-stocked fridge and wine cellar, – thus we are happy. On top of that the sun is shining almost always; consequently we are enjoying the one or the other Apéro on our huge roof-deck.

Obviously the roof-deck is not only for relaxing purposes but offers lots of possibilities for gardening, which is said to be healthy…


The only drawback at the moment: we can’t go to our Carré d’As as planned beginning of May because of that stupid Corona.

On the one hand it’s not too bad as we feel extremely comfy here and still have lots of to dos, – on the other hand we most certainly would like to sail on. Sure is, we have to bury our plan to sail to Greece as the season will be short, if there is one at all.

With big interest we follow all news to the Corona development and hope we can start in June or July….

We trust all of you are well and wish you a big deal of stamina wherever you may have to sit tight at the moment. – Don’t forget: all will be good again – eventually  🙂 .

See you!

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  1. This is so nice to see that you finally finished the renovation and that you are doing fine. Had no doubt you were going to succeed! The biggest hugs to both y’all.

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