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Renovation on land

What do water rats if not renovating their boat? – Absolutely not relaxing! – Although we planned something like that. As usual, instead of doing what we planned we bought a nice apartment in an old building – most certainly with an amazing lake view.

– And are now in the process of renovating it.

The project is rather demanding, so that we didn’t even manage to go to the ‘Boot’ exhibition in Düsseldorf. Besides, our experiences with craftsmen – on water as well as on land -, demand to supervise the renovation process carefully. – And to be honest: it’s a super interesting project 🙂 , which we don’t want to miss.

As to be seen on the pictures: there is much to do. Nice is, that we haven’t been disappointed yet, but are quite happy with the ongoing project.


Another special thing happened this winter: fellow sailors came to visit us in Switzerland. In December we welcomed Tatjana and Olivier – SY Plan B – and in January Marlies and Peter – SY Highliner. It is a trifle strange to meet up in ones winter’s dresses but it was indeed a pleasure 🙂 .


In spite of the windstorms going over Spain, our boat is still okay. The decision to stay in a well protected marina was quite a good one. Although we are looking forward to move into our new renovated flat, we nevertheless are looking much forward to sail on again. – Fully according to Robin’s motto: doing one thing without giving up the other.

See u!

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