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Sailors daily routine

Finally! – on May 8 off we sail. Our first target is Cala Aquilla, which is in the north-east of Mallorca. We’ve a wonderful sail into the bay. Shortly before we arrive we start the engine, – better, we try to start the engine: but there’s no reaction at all. Not good! – With the last speed we manage a tacking to avoid the cliffs surrounding us.

While Robin is trying to restart the engine, I steer the boat away from the dangerous zone. Meanwhile it’s clear that the ‘new’ starter relay is dead. Robin can bypass it and the engine purrs again. Our mechanic in Portocristo promises to get a new relay and bring it to Alcudia, thus we spend there a rolly night. Next morning Robin investigates the relay carefully again and sees that one of the new wirings got loose. After it’s safely attached, everything runs properly again, – if only everything could be solved that easy!

The bay of Alcudia is not to our liking, especially the anchorage is poor. Thus off we sail to the bay of Pollenca. Two years ago we’ve been here and know that the anchorage is super and well protected as well as extremely nice.


Next day the SV Titanium, a Super Maramu 2000, with James and Louise arrive. A very nice couple with whom we become friends easily.

After three nights Louise and James sail off to Portocristo to get their engine aligned with the gearbox. Finally the mechanic there managed to get the right tool, so that we will go there in a few days as well to get it done. – For now we are happy to give someone else a first go…

Port Pollenca is an extremely pleasant town with good shopping possibilities and lots of restaurants and bars. The Marina as well as the Port IB seem to be very well protected due to the huge bay in front of them. Also the bay makes a pretty good impression and we find it being the best anchorage on Mallorca, regardless of the weather conditions. Although there are some places with seagrass, there are definitively sufficient sandy patches for a good anchorage.

Summary of our first trial days:

Every day we had to fix something, on some days even two or three things, – the new railing table is especially convenient for that:

Most were small things of a normal sailor’s day, some were after-works of the winter works. – In any case we could solve the problems up to now…

See u soon!

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  1. Never good when you press the starter button and nothing happens.

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