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Stuck at Port Pollenca

A new bad weather front is approaching from the Golf of Lion, thus we again seek protection in the bay next to Port Pollenca. This time we drop our anchor closer to the military airport as the anchorage seems to be better. The decision was a good one as around midnight the first strong gusts arrive. Our anchor is good settled, supported by 30 meters of chain (at a depth of 3 m).

Next morning we are distracted by a tumult at the military airport: 4 helicopters, sea rescue, the red cross and the press are busy. We can’t figure out whether it’s a test run or the real thing. – However, we have some entertainment.


Meanwhile it seems that we are stuck at Pollenca. But there are good reasons why: on the one hand the weather is really unsteady and not enough good protected anchorages available, on the other hand we like the small town and we feel safe. At one day we decided to have a look at the outside, only to sail back in the evening as the bays around are not as calm and we prefer quiet nights.

In our opinion Port Pollenca offers enough variety and entertainment as well as two rather big and some small supermarkets. Sometimes in the evenings we enjoy a nightcap at the ‘Lemon Bar’ which despite being at the seafront and offering live music, has moderate prices.


What a nice Sunday surprise: two quite big dolphins (or maybe small wales?) come to visit. We see them entering the bay, making a big round and swim slowly to the outside again.


Next morning the Golf of Lion sends the next strong winds with up to 40 kn (75 h/km). We give some more chain and everything’s fine, especially as we are at the border of the storm.

For the upcoming days / weeks, the weather forecast does not change a lot: a few calm days and in between strong winds mainly from the north. The only useful wind window seems to be on October 11, – we decide to take it and sail together with SY Andiamo to Roda de Bara. Although we are earlier as planned at our winter place, we don’t feel bad about it.

The crossing is rather quiet with less wind as predicted but at least almost full moon. – It’s quiet enough so that I can make some cinnamon buns, which will sweeten us the night 🙂 .


After 24 hours and 113 nm (209 km) we arrive at the Marina Roda de Bara. Our first impression is good, even if the petrol station has a problem and we can’t fill our tank yet. That’s a project for upcoming week as today is a national holiday and weekend.

Now we can start to bring our Carré d’As in winter modus, but first of all we need a good night rest.

See u soon!

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