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World War

… against the Coronavirus. – It seems we underestimated this virus tremendously. Honestly, who thought that the Coronavirus sparks a state of war? – and surprisingly that global power acts together? – at least more or less. – For us it sounds and feels like being in a science fiction movie, – thus real unreal.

Beginning of March we went to Spain to visit our Carré d’As and everything was still quiet. But shortly after being back, it started. We were lucky coming back to Switzerland when we did. Here we feel best in the actual situation.

In spite of all, our construction side is still in progress! Except for the granite top of our new kitchen, which is stuck in Italy, everything else is delivered. For the time being, we’ll have a provisional arrangement, but when the lock-down will be over, the planned granite will be delivered and installed.

In the following some new pics of the renovation:


Upcoming Friday, we move houses, – hurray!

We’re definitively looking forward to our new home and especially the big terrace. For sure, we’ll have enough to dos for the time being, thus boredom is far away.

Unknown is, when we go back to our Carré d’As. Hopefully end of May / beginning of June we’ll be able to do so. Nevertheless, till the situation improves a lot, we won’t go to Spain. On top we have to rethink our plan to sail to Greece, – but we are very well accustomed to plan adaptations 🙂 .

We very much hope that all of you are and will stay healthy, and that the situation will relax very soon.

See you and wish you all the best!


  1. Frederick Johann Versfeld

    Enjoy your new home, finished or unfinished, looks great.
    Keep safe please and be the great sailors you have always been, take care.
    We are all well here in sunny South Africa and may it stay that way for all.
    Kind regards and best wishes from
    Pauline and Fred

  2. Flat looks good. Nice to see the progress.
    We have just changed our flights back to the boat to mid June when hopefully things will have calmed down.

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